About our kennel

Before introducing myself I would like to introduce my passion.

Samoyeds are beautiful, amazing and breathtaking! They are polar bears, white wolfs and arctic foxes at the same time. Sammies can be friendly and tender, but also stubborn and independent. And it’s the balance you are seeking while living with them that makes their friendship so special.

Currently in our kennel we have 4 girls (1 retired from breeding) and 2 approved studs. All our dogs are shown frequently and successfully at dog shows of international level. We try to keep an up-to-date record of the shows we attend. Our dogs live and are treated as true family members and we wish the same for our puppies.

What I want to achieve in my breeding program is a companion dog who would combine working characteristics with a beautiful head and a sweet expression. It’s a journey I started 4 years ago and there is a long way still ahead of me.

All our puppies are raised in our house, by the time they leave our kennel they are microchipped and vaccinated. Future owners will be provided with a health passport and FCI export pedigree. We assist our puppy owners with advice on feeding, educating and showing career.

Many thanks for your interest in Mishka na Severe!

Irina Rykun
… and the breeder

About myself, my name is Irina Rykun and I am breeding under my kennel name “Mishka na Severe” registered with the FCI.

Probably I am not an exception out of majority of people who felt captivated by a samoyed from the first moment. As it happened to many before me, it was love at first sight.

It took me 5 years to decide to get my first samoyed as it is a very serious step that changes all your life approach. Life is not about you anymore it is about that dog. Polka Tedi Bear iz Moskovskoy Metely, aka Polina, was and is my first samoyed, cheerful, people loving, independent and rebellious, a great mother and born-to-be leader. That was the beginning of the story and probably my seek for perfection brought me to breeding.

As of the moment our family is located in Prague, Czech republic.

If you want to find out more about our kennel, please contact me through my Facebook  or via email (irina.rykun@gmail.com).

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