Amore 12 weeks Portrait
29 Jul: Amore Amore…

We still have one samoyed puppy boy available for reservation. For more details please visit a special page dedicated to our litter or contact me through e-mail:  

15 Jul: Puppies’ Episode

Finally we have a new episode of our samoyed family series. This one is dedicated to the first 2,5 months of our litter A fluffy little ones. I hope this video makes you smile!!!

Samoyed puppy
24 May: 3 weeks now

Our little samoyeds are already walking, eating puppies’ porridge, playing and fooling around. Looking more like real puppies. Fresh photos uploaded to our website.

09 May: 7 little lives

4.05.2014 – I think I will never forget this day. For the first time in life I had the chance to assist my beautiful Polina in giving birth to 7 small lives: 3 boys and 4 girls. Some people think…

30 Mar: Expected puppies

We are very happy no announce that we are expecting puppies from our dearest samoyed couple Polina and Yunik (Union Jack iz Moskovskoy Metely x Polka Tedi Bear iz Moskovskoy Metely). For more information on the litter announcement please visit…

17 Feb: Fehova 4xCACIB Winter Dog Show

Reporting on my short vacation spent in Budapest at the Fehova Winter Dog Show 13-14-15-16 February 2014 It has been an exciting trip, full of bittersweet moments, a lot of experience gained and still a lot to be learnt in…