Radost Zhizni Elizabeth Taylor


17 Feb: Fehova 4xCACIB Winter Dog Show

Reporting on my short vacation spent in Budapest at the Fehova Winter Dog Show 13-14-15-16 February 2014 It has been an exciting trip, full of bittersweet moments, a lot of experience gained and still a lot to be learnt in…

Happy samoyeds

10 Feb: Eyes Checked and Healthy

I am very happy for my 3 little monsters as MVDr. Barbara Lenska checked their eyes Polka Teddy Bear iz Moskovskoy Metely, 2.5 years (Zhasmin iz Moskovskoy Metely x Bairak Azskas Pozemka) Union Jack iz Moskovskoy Metely, 18 months (Smiling…